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Above: Double drop down window. Aluminum clad exterior in custom color, pine interior

At first glance it appears to be a single hung or a double hung window; it’s neither (although it can function as both) The Synergy Drop Down window will allow both top and bottom sash to vanish into a specially prepared wall pocket. Ideal for a Four-Season room to provide for unobstructed views and maximum air ventilation.


Synergy's Premium Features;

• All wood construction.  Select from a wide varieties of species

• Maintenance-free extruded aluminum clad exterior; paired with a wood of your choice

• Split specie option (one wood specie to the interior/a different specie to the exterior)

• New Construction or retrofit version

• Historic spoon lock

• Premium gasketing system

• Variety of glazing options

• Variety of hardware finishes

• All dimensions are flexible to suit your projects needs













Drop + Down

Above: Interior; Double drop down window.

Drop + Down

Fully Closed

Fully Closed

Operation of the Synergy Drop+Down Window

Fully Open

Partially  Open

View our On-site demo of our Double drop down window.

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